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Loan app in Nigeria for quick online loans without collateral

With Reliance Mobile App, you can never go broke again. No long queues, no long wait times. Just your smartphones and the Reliance Mobile App. Access quick loans at single digit interest rates, anywhere, anytime. This loan app for Nigerians, helps Nigerians access quick loans online without collateral.

Reliance Mobile App helps you get loans easily and directly into your personal account in less than 1 hour without much stress, it is also an app that enable you invest and get good interest rate.

It provides a one-stop avenue that serves all your financial needs – both investment and credit. It is FAST, SAFE and SIMPLIFIES the entire process of loan application, management and repayment with a user friendly interface.

With our mobile app you are just a click away from securing loans to fix those emergencies like school fees, travel expenses, and not just that, it is also one of the trusted investment apps in Nigeria that provide safe and low-risk investment opportunities to grow your capital.

Financial technology (Fintech) companies are disrupting the lending industry and some of them offer quick, easy and cheap loans with no collateral.

The traditional banks both commercial and microfinance offer loans with high interest rates, journey-of-no-return paperwork or requirements as well as provision of guarantors among others, the fintech companies, on the other hand otherwise known as lending platforms provide loans in simple and effective ways.

Loan app in Nigeria has been helping individuals get quick loans online without collateral either for your business or personal use, the mobile app would give you access to these loans without stressful documentation requirements.

Keep track of your Loans:

Reliance Mobile App will help you manage your loan application history, including the repayments etc.


Reliance Mobile App provides a 2-in-1 solution to solve both your loan and investment need. With Reliance Mobile App, you don’t need any other investment app.


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