Salary Advance

Salary Advance is a convenient way to raise funds and is quickly accessible for employees of reputable companies.

These customers primary source of income is their Monthly Salary and appraisal will be based on their Net Disposal Income. It enables you to access funds for emergencies that may arise between one payday and the next.

Features & Benefits:

» Availability of funds to bridge short-term personal funding gaps.
» Access to salary in advance with a 30 – 180 days.
» 24 hours response time.
» Competitive Interest Rate.
» Access to Personal Account and Financial Advisor.
» Easy Banking with Debit Cards and Mobile Banking.


» Facility is available only to confirmed staff.
» Applicants must work for well-structured reputable organizations in both private and public sectors.
» Applicants must have a stable salary payment date.
» Applicant must meet the minimum risk acceptance criteria of the bank. This will be done upon receipt of application in line with the loan review and risk assessment of the bank.
» 33.3% of Applicant’s monthly salary should be able to accommodate monthly loan repayment after all expenses, taxes, etc. have been deducted within the agreed tenor.
» Applicants and guarantors will provide post- dated cheques for the repayments.

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