Kiddies Savings Account (KSA)

Kiddies Savings Account is an account for children with special features designed to benefit parents seeking to save for the education and other needs of their children. In addition, promotes savings culture in young children and teenagers thus educating them on the importance of saving and investing for their future.

Features & Benefits:

» Opening balance of N2,000.00.
» Attractive and competitive savings interest rate.
» Opportunity to save regularly with standing instruction
» Child will be issued a debit card upon parent’s request.
» Opportunity to save regularly with standing instruction.
» Opportunity to qualify for children’s shopping spree and other children’s day event.
» Provides a convenient means to save regularly through standing order.


» A duly completed account opening package.
» Passport photograph of parent and child (2 each).
» Utility bill.
» Valid identification of Parents: Driver’s License/International Passport/National ID Card/Voter’s card.